About our Company

Art appeared on Earth at the same time a man did, and woodcarving was one of the very first of its kinds. This art is so beautiful and joyous that it could live through hundreds of centuries and continues to develop confidently without fear to be defeated by the latest technologies.

Masters of ArteVivo continue these ancient traditions, creating amazing products from natural tree. They own the secret of how to breathe poetry into even the most prosaic piece of furniture.

Attention to detail is one of the cornerstones of ArteVivo’s work. And this is not only highly artistic aesthetics. When we talk about the details, we mean both environmental friendliness, security, and immaculate comfort.

Brilliant craftsmanship and careful observance of all traditions related to working with wood is the basis of ArteVivo’s professional vision. This is the only way to create pieces of work that simultaneously correspond to fashion, and stand above it, which have a vivid personality, bring coziness and can serve for many, many years.

Furniture and other products made of natural wood will perfectly fit into your home, will become a source of joy and aesthetic pleasure.

ArteVivo is a living art that fills everyday life with real masterpieces.